Paws 4 Thought K-9 Retreat Boarding Facilities Always on site- we live with the dogs.

We ask that reservations are made by calling us at 801.985.2275

We have provided an online form to make it easier for you- fill it out and bring it with you.
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Looking for a place to take care of your dog while you are away?

9 out of 10 K-9's agree
Paws 4 thought is the place to be!

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We are always happy to have your dog stay with us and we make every effort to make them comfortable and happy so they do not miss you too much!
Your pet depends on you to take good care of them, even when you have to be out of town. Friends and neighbors may not have the experience or time to properly look after your pet, particularly for longer trips. So next time you have to leave your pet behind for a while, leave your friend to the professionals. We feel this is a vacation for them as well.

outdoor kennel

The Paws 4 Thought K-9 Retreat prides itself on our extra large indoor/outdoor kennels. The 12'x12' indoor kennel adjoins the 12'x 22' outdoor kennel so that your pooch has lots of room to move and exercise. We also have lots of room for a romp on the grass - weather permitting.

indoor kennel

We have built an area for our "little" friends. These kennels have indoor 8 x 8 foot areas with heated floors.

indoor kennel

We provide comfort to older dogs as well. Each of our private kennels have a cot for the dog to lay on as well as lots of toys and blankets.

Snooze....we thought you said Chews !!!

feathers and dogs fun at

Too cute for words....some of our vacationing friends had some fun with a feather pillow!!!

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$19 per night for a single dog
$17 per night each dog for 2 dogs able to stay together
There are added discounts for more than 2 dogs that are able to stay in the same kennel.
We have Extended Stay rates as well.

grass for dogs

What does that include?

* Food - fed twice a day
* A dog House or cot in each kennel with bedding
* Cleaned all the time and sanitized between stays
* Exercise in the grass area- weather permitting
You may bring your own food and any special feeding instructions.
We will administer any medications you have as well.
You are welcome to bring a favorite toy or bedding for your pooch to feel comfortable.

We really are "In the Dog House"


We also have wonderful grooming facilities on property. Please ask about them.

We have included a PDF file for your convenience. Just fill it out and bring it with you to save time.
Paws 4 Thought K-9 Retreat Boarding Form

Please feel free to call or visit. We are proud of our K-9 Retreat!

Have questions or comments please call or e-mail.